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Study the Bylaws, make any necessary changes, and present them to the Chapter for approval.

Members: Linda Mintener, Chair; Katie Heiser

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Members: Susan Arthur

Sponsoring Member

Assigned Mentor

Membership Chair

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Work with treasurer to prepare a budget for Chapter H and present the budget for approval at the first business meeting in March. Make recommendations to the Chapter for the amounts to be given to PEO projects.

Members: Jeanne Sanna, Chair; Jane Trimborn

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Contact active Chapter members to ascertain if they will attend the next scheduled meeting, determine the number of officers attending, let the hostess know the number of attendees, and report any information gleaned from members that should be known by the Chapter.

Members: Mary Smith, Chair; Janet Bleckwenn, Phyllis Covey, Ginner Jefferds, Pam Mason, Mary Ann McKenna, Patsy Miller, Mary Schar, Nancy Smith, Julie Winding

Group 357.png


Plan programs for the Chapter meetings and coordinate programs with Social Committee.

Members: Carol Wittenberg & Debby Deutsch, Co-Chairs; Ginger Brenneis, Shannon Davidson, Mary Ann Grinde, Nancy Lynch, Connie Mills, Becky Oaks, Janie Schaefer, Miriam Simmons, Jodi Sweeney, Debbie Tripalin

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Advise Chapter H on technological matters and be primary link for online communications between Chapter H and state and international chapters.

Members: Anne Dorn, Chair; Kit Thomsen,

Cheryl Wise

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Organize, prepare, and distribute Chapter yearbook.

Members: Kit Thomsen, Chair; Susan Arthur

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Offer congratulations, condolences and extend any other appropriate courtesies to Chapter members.

Members: Mary Jo Tierney, Chair; Jean Berndt, Jane Brimmer, Patsy Miller, Janie Schafer, Mary Smith, Mary Webster

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Stimulate interest in local, state, and international PEO projects for grants, scholarships, and loans, and monitor the Cottey Scholarship Fund. Work to identify qualified candidates for each project.

Members: Jeanne Ferreira, Coordinator;

PCE/CHAPTER H Scholarship: Jeanne Ferreira, Becky Oaks


ELF: Tiss Bauer, Nancy Dubisz

H.E.L.P.: Sandy Guthrie, Jeanne Sanna

STAR: Jane Trimborn, Mary Thompson

IPS/Scholar Award: Jeanne Ferriera, Miriam Simmons

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Maintain a file of clippings and items of interest concerning the Chapter and its members.

Members: Joyce Bell, Chair; Judy Winkel

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Evaluate the health of the Chapter, find ways to involve inactive Chapter members and develop a close relationship with new initiates.

Members: Barbara Peterman, Chair; Veronica Dickmann, Mary Ann Grinde, Mary Ann McKenna, Rita Reif, Jeanne Sanna, Cindy Terrill, Julie Winding, Judy Winkel

Group 355.png


Determine locations for Chapter meetings, assign hostess and food responsibilities and organize potlucks and summer socials. 

Members: Amy Nickles, Chair; Judy Graham, Sandy Guthrie, Kristen Peterson, Ellen Sperling, Cindy Terrill, Jane Trimborn, Debbie Tripalin, Donna Weihofen

Group 353.png


Promote plans for raising money and transfer money to Chapter treasurer.

Members: Barbara Berven & Kristen Peterson Co-Chairs; Tiss Bauer, Marlys Bauman, Shannon Davidson,  Carolyn McKinney, Connie Mills, Mary Thompson, Kathleen Woit

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