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Our Projects


ELF Recipients Sponsored by Chapter H in 2021

Erin Pinnow                          Nursing

Ingrid Taylor                         Doctor of Physical Therapy

PCE from 2016 to 2021: Name and Degree Field

Crystal Lind                          Respiratory Therapy

Jessica Hangar                    Nursing

Katie Kane                           Occupational Therapy

Viktori Negrovani                Nursing

Precious Thompson            Paralegal

Lacy Schenk                         Nursing

Denise Salimes                    Graphic Design

Alissa Guertz                        Nurse Practitioner in Anesthesiology

                                              Masters Degree

Mandolin Strelow                Nursing

Paula Drew                           Education Masters Degree

Vicki Drake                           Occupational Therapy

Kristin Shafel                        Graphic Design

Jessica Smith                       Digital Media Design UI/UX

Chapter H Scholarship Award 2021

Lacy Cruz

STAR Scholarship Award 2019

Bridget Schichting               Atmospheric and Oceanic Science

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