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Chapter H Goals 2023

  1. Maintain communications with members who do not have email to provide information on             Chapter H news and events, along with birthday and well wishes. This is to include all news,           e.g., health, accomplishments, death, etc. and all broadcast messages from the Chapter.                 Courtesy Committee

  2. Interview and recommend a minimum of 2 candidates scholarship/grant/loan programs

      2023 - 2024.  Education Committee 

  3. Highlight each P.E.O. project during meetings throughout the year.

      Education Committee and President  

  4. Add new sisters to the chapter and ensure they are highlighted during a chapter meeting.             Prepare a bio for each new sister for the chapter’s website.  

     Membership Committee and President

  5. Host a summer social in 2023.  Social Committee 

  6. Provide a member mentor for each new sister for the first year of her membership to ensure           she has a smooth transition into P.EO.  Membership Committee 

  7. Conduct officer and committee chair meetings twice a year for the purpose of rating progress       toward our goals. President 

  8. Strive to meet donation goals established in the annual budget through auctions and other           creative fundraisers.  Ways and Means Committee 

  9. Establish the chapter’s yearly theme and offer informative and interesting programs by                     external speakers and Chapter H sisters.  Program Committee

10. Review the chapter’s bylaws; make updates and changes as necessary; communicate reasons         for any changes to the membership; and obtain the required approval of any changes.

      Bylaws Committee & President 

11. Alert chapter sisters log into the chapter’s website to access announcements, sister news, new       sisters’ bios, feature stories, etc. when they become available. Technology Committee

12. Encourage participation in Interest Groups and Buddy  Groups. (Buddy Groups will be                     reassigned in September of odd number years.)  All Sisters

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