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Buddy Groups

Group 375.png

Take turns setting up gatherings!  Connect by mailing cards, 

sending emails, making phone calls, going to city parks, etc.  Do not postpone gatherings if someone in the group is unable to attend.  Have fun sharing news and getting to know your new buddies!

Group 1: Tiss Bauer, Jeanne Ferreira, Katie Heiser, Ginner Jefferds, Mary Jo Tierney, Debbie Tripalin


Group 2: Susan Arthur, Marlys Bauman, Nancy Lynch, Kristen Peterson, Mary Schar, Harriet Vandermeer


Group 3: Joyce Bell, Pam Mason, Amy Nickles, Jeanne Sanna, Liz Towell,

Mary Webster


Group 4: Jane Brimmer, Nancy Horne, Carolyn McKinney, Janie Schaefer,

Donna Weihofen, Cheryl Wise


Group 5: Phyllis Covey, Anne Dorn, Mary Ann McKenna, Miriam Simmons,

Julie Winding


Group 6: Debby Deutsch, Patsy Miller, Mary Smith, Nancy Smith, Cindy Terrill,

Judy Winkel


Group 7: Judy Graham, Caroline Mallatt, Ellen Sperling, Mary Thompson,

Kit Thomsen, Carol Wittenberg


Group 8: Mary Ann Grinde, Connie Mills, Linda Mintener, Rita Reif, Jodi Sweeney, Kathleen Woit


Group 9: Barbara Berven, Shannon Davidson, Sandy Guthrie, Becky Oaks,

Debbie Olien


Group 10: Jean Berndt, Janet Bleckwenn, Ginger Brenneis, Nancy Dubisz,

Barb Peterman, Jane Trimborn

Interest Groups

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First Monday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at Panera’s on Mineral Point Road.

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This group meets via Zoom on the first Monday of the month.  Hostess will be determined by the group yearly at the September meeting.



Second Wednesday of each month at Amy Nickles home at 1:00 p.m. (Call or email Amy if you plan to attend)

Group 373.png


Third Monday of each month at 12:30.  Location will be announced.

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Third Tuesday of each month; usually a matinee and a light dinner. (Contact Barbara Berven)

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